Welcome. On this page you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not covered on this page, please feel free to contact us and ask.

1) How do you ship your pieces?
Twisted Links ships all pieces using DHL shipping company. We provide a tracking number and insurance up to $100 within the $10 listed price charge. Additional insurance for more costly pieces will add to the price.

2) What is the shipping rate for a shirt/bikini?
The shipping for a shirt or a bikini will depend on the weight of the piece, and your postal code. Once you have settled on the design and material, and supplied us with your postal code, we can provide you with a shipping rate.

3) Do you gift wrap?
Gift wrapping or jewelry boxes are available, and we are happy to ship directly to the recipient and include a card. Charge will be $5 for jewelry gift box, $10 for gift wrapping larger items.

4) Why do you not have an order form/shopping cart?
We prefer to take orders through email so that we have a more personal relationship with you, the customer, to make sure you receive the greatest satisfaction possible. Also, there are infinite possibilities with chain maille. We quite simply do not have the time to expend in trying to fit all of it into a neat little box.

5) Do you do custom orders?
Custom Items are available upon request. Prices will vary accordingly. Custom items include, but are not limited to: Earrings, Anklets, Finger Rings, Inlaid Designs, Belts, Dice Bags, Slave Bracelets, Headdresses, Rainbow jewelry, and Fetish Gear. This website only shows a small fraction of what can be created using chain designs. If you have a custom design you would like made, please provide as much detail as possible, and we will be more than happy to try to make the piece to your specifications.

6) What's the deal with rush orders?
Orders are most often shipped in the order in which they are received. Rush orders carry a 20% of listed price charge.

7) How long will my order take?
We try our best to get all orders out as quickly as possible. For jewelry chains, please allow 1 - 4 weeks, as the chain you wish may not currently be in stock. For shirts and bikinis, delivery time must be discussed. Your delivery time will settled before any monetary transactions take place.

8) What is your return policy?
Stock items may be exchanged or refunded after the item is returned in non damaged condition, within two weeks (14 days) of confirmed delivery. Due to the nature of chain maille, custom jewelry items, shirts, and bikinis are not returnable. Customers are expected to supply correct measurements for all chain garments desired. All deposits required on shirts and bikinis are non refundable.

9) Do you make repairs? How much will they cost?
Yes, we will do repairs. The cost will depend on the condition of the item in question, and the price of the materials necessary to effect said repairs. Contact for details.

10) Why are some pieces the same price as others, when they have different ring sizes?
The general rule in the business of making chain maille jewelry is, "The smaller the ring, the greater the price.". This is because smaller rings take longer to prep and weave than larger rings, and smaller rings are much more labor intensive. Also, for example, it takes more rings to make a 1/8", 20g, 18 inch Byzantine chain than it does to make a 1/4", 16g, 18 inch Byzantine Chain.